Saturday, June 8, 2013


This past week I've worked a lot. I am so tired when I get home. Fortunatly I've worked out as well! The only way to get myself to go is to go straight from work to workout, in that way I don't get to fall asleep sit down on the coach and stay there the rest of the night. Today we'll have burgers for dinner, yummy, so good and so many possibilities, still possible to make it healthy.

What have you been up to?

Monday, June 3, 2013

Healthy moussaka

400 gram lean minced meat
1 big onion
250 grams mushroom
400 grams chopped canned tomatoes
1 tbsp tomato puree
1 boullion cube
7 dl milk
160 grams low fat cheese, I use Jarlsberg lite (16% fat)
30 grams flour dissolved in about 0,5 dl of the milk
2 eggs
2 aubergines
oregano, basil, salt, pepper, paprika and mexican chili powder

Slice the aubergines in slices a little less than 1 cm thick, fry in a dry pan until soft. Fry chopped onion and chopped mushroom until soft, remove from pan. Fry the minced meat until cooked. Add the onions, mushrooms, tomato and the boullion cube (dissolved in a bit of water). Add spices and let simmer on medium heat until the sauce becomes thicker. Make the white sauce by heating 6,5 dl of the milk and add the flour dissolved in milk. Add some nutmeg, pepper and a tiny bit of salt. Add the two eggs and stir. Let simmer until a bit thicker. Add about half the grated cheese to the sauce until meltet.

Use a ovenproof dish and layer the meat sauce, aubergines and white sauce in two times. Add the rest of the cheese on top. Cook for about 20 minutes on 200 C.

Friday, May 31, 2013

Summer, summer, summer!

I'm all done with exams for this semester! So happy! HAPPY! :D

Summer is here, it is sunny and warm!


Thursday, May 30, 2013

Easy, healthy snack? Yes, please!

Tomorrow is my final exam this semester and I just can't wait for summer to really begin! The weather here has been great all week, warm and sunny, I want to get some color on my pure white skin, not that I get a deep tan, I just get less white and look a little bit healthier. 

So, tomorrow at my exam I know I'm going to want some snacks in addition to my regular food, for some reason I feel that I concentrate better if I'm snacking, which is not good when it comes to adding up calories especially if I eat unhealthy or very fatty snacks. Nuts would be an option, because of the healthy fats, but I always eat to much without even thinking about it. So, I decided to try to make some oat and coconut protein balls with cacao. They turned out really good and is the perfect snack for my exam tomorrow. 

24 oat and coconut protein balls with cacao  
20 grams oats
20 grams shredded coconut with less fat
20 grams almond flour, reduced fat
20 grams bakepro (or other protein, vanilla, chocolate?)
20 grams cacao powder
30 grams erythritol or other sweetener
130 grams light vanilla quark, quark, or cottage cheese
 Some salt, it will make them even more delicious

Mix it all together and mix it really well, it gets stickier as you mix it. If it doesn't mix proparly add some water and mix even more. Roll small balls, I got 24.

I also have a knitting project to show you, a soft, light baby blanket. So easy to make, you start with three three stitches and add one more at the end of each row and when you think it is big enough you just decrease by one stich at the end of each row until you have three stitches left. I used 200 grams of Drops <3 you #3 in dusty pink (04) it is 50 % wool and 50 % alpacca and started decreasing when the second ball of yarn was close to finished.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

New fluff, rasberry, vanilla and cocoa

You need:

200 grams frozen rasberries
10 grams cocoa powder
20 grams vanilla protein powder
100 grams milk

Mix milk, cocoa and protein powder. Add 200 grams rasberries, if too frozen, wait until a bit softer. Use a stick blender and blend it all. Then you use a hand mixer and mix it until it is really fluffy! This tasted really unhealthy, but yay for us, it is not! Healthy, delicious, everyday treat :)

Lunch casserole

Easy lunch casserole (makes two portions)
200 grams mushrooms
1 onion
1 box crushed tomatoes (with basil)
100 grams pineapple
1/2 pack seatangle noodles (or other pasta or noodle)
beef or vegetable stock
50 grams light quark or sour cream 
1 tbsp erythritol
Some ham, chicken or minced meat (or not if you want it vegan)
salt, pepper, ginger, paprika, mexican chili powder, oregano and/or other spices you like 

Cut mushroom and onion into small pieces and sautee until soft. Mix with chopped tomatoes, pineapple, noodles, stock and quark. Add spices and let boil for 10 minutes.  

Edit: I had the second portion cold from the fridge, still very tasty!